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The 7 Emotional Needs of Children


All children are born with emotional needs. These needs must be met by the adults in their life if they’re to grow into confident and independent adults. The acronym PARENTS summarises children’s needs (Protection, Acceptance, Recognition, Enforced limits, Nearness, Time and Support).

Protection: It’s crucial that all children feel safe and secure. This is essential for their very survival – and all children fear rejection and abandonment. They need a sense of order and predictability, routine, peace and stability – so they can learn to trust others, and build relationships. However, if trust is absent, and they feel insecure, they’ll start to put up walls to keep other people out, and they’ll find it hard to trust and get close to anyone.


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The 1st Urban Mosaic Intervention in Puente Alto Chile is FINIS!

100 photos showing the work of 60 artists from around the world who, under the leadership of Isidora Paz López and with the assistance of the amazing Chilean team, completely transformed the Town Hall into a Magical Garden.”

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